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The oil & gas industry conquers its environment with fluoropolymers


The oil and gas industry benefits our lives in many ways, supplying energy, heating homes, and fueling transport. It is also vital to the production of most everyday essentials - from medical supplies to household appliances. Without the oil and gas industry, the production of our fluoroplastics wouldn’t be possible.

Yet in the oil and gas industry, the combination of powerful equipment, chemicals and processes creates an extremely hazardous environment – danger is almost always present. These harsh environments require rigorous safety measures and a range of materials that can withstand extremely high working temperatures, brine solutions, chemicals and oil residue. Fortunately, Adtech’s fluoroplastic materials do just that.

Fluoropolymer products for oil and gas applications

Here at Adtech, we have a range of polymers suitable for fluid delivery, encapsulation, temperature and level detection in the oil and gas industry.

PTFE tube

Our PTFE tubing has the best price : performance ratio of all our fluoroplastics, withstanding very high working temperatures, non-stick and low friction properties, chemical, solvent and electrical resistance. Find out more about PTFE Tubing.

Geo-Shrink® heat shrink sleeving

Made from special fluoropolymers, our Geo-Shrink® sleeving has gained acceptance within a widespread circle, from core analysis contractors, oil company exploration teams and production research laboratories. It is available in a wide range of sizes and thickness, and we can create custom lengths where required. Find out more about Geo-Shrink® Heat Shrink Sleeving.

Encapsulated probes and thermowells

For applications in which temperature and level detection is required, our fluoroplastics can cover any length or diameter of probes and thermowells. You can rest assured that the delicate sensor elements inside will never be damaged due to the fantastic qualities of our polymers, making them the ideal material for sensor protection in the oil and gas industry. Find out more about Fluoroplastic Coated Probe Covers.

FEP tubing & heat shrink sleeving

As well as these key products, Adtech also manufactures FEP tubing and heat shrink sleeving . FEP is another material which is particularly suited for use in the oil and gas industry because it is inert to oil, brine solutions and high temperatures. Find out more about FEP Tubing and FEP Heat Shrink Sleeving.

Here at Adtech, we are specialists in delivering innovative fluoropolymer solutions for your technical applications. Find out more about Fluoropolymers in the Oil & Gas Industry.

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